Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bring Approval Voting to Oregon!

In the last few years, legislative efforts to enact approval voting have been stymied in Arizona, Colorado, and New Hampshire. But there's an exciting new possibility opening up in Oregon, where there's an effort under way to get approval voting up through a ballot initiative.

Actually, it's an approval top-two-primary, and I've never been a fan of top-two primaries, but since it will be carried out using approval voting, this will still likely be a huge boon to the people of Oregon, if the initiative proves to be successful. If you're in Oregon, please get involved (or if you're willing to go visit; out-of-state petition circulators are legal in Oregon.)

So visit their website, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, and get the word out. I'm hoping there will be a lot less friction moving this through with an initiative process rather than with a legislative process, so fingers crossed!

In an entirely unrelated personal aside, this marks my first success with managing to post something at least once per month for an entire calendar year. Next year's resolution will be for at least two per month.


  1. A top 4 primary wd be a better fix if an alternative to fptp is used in the gen'l election.

    ps, couldn't comment on last post so I'll try this here.
    "That honor clearly belongs to top two primary.

    It was a good thing and bears witness to its potential for helping other good things to happen, so long as multi-winner elections are used for the chronically non-competitive "more local" elections, by making the top two parties hew more closely to the center and giving outsiders more opportunities to move the center."

  2. That's the way to go about it. If you really want to enact electoral reforms that'd make it easier for other parties/independents to get elected (I don't know if this reform will, since I haven't really looked at it), in most cases you're going to have to go through the initiative/referendum process. Only real way to bypass the political establishment for something both parties stand to lose greatly on.

  3. Figure out who'd benefit and get them to get behind it!

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