Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fundraiser Update

Lots of exciting news for the ongoing Approval Voting Video Fundraiser! The campaign has surpassed $5,000, and is now #1 for non-profits, #1 in the politics category, and #1 in San Francisco. Out of over 4,000 active campaigns on Indiegogo, we're in the top 10, and rapidly approaching the top 5.

With just a little more help from you, we can keep moving up, and reach our goal. Toward that end, this has been declared "$1 weekend," and we're pushing to get people—new funders as well as people who have already given—to donate just $1. So if you're reading this, please, head over there now, and give us a buck.

Participation is wonderful, but if you're in it for the perks, I have some news for you, too. First, you can now earn yourself some free books via referrals. Create an account at Indiegogo, and when you use the social sharing links on the project page, click-throughs get credited to you. Second, since the $500 level and its "special mention" perk have sold out (wow!) so quickly, three more "special mentions" have been put up as prizes, at the anti-discounted rate of $625. So if you, or your organization, want to see their name on this project, you can still do that.

Finally, Indiegogo is making the Approval Voting Video project its Twitter Campaign of the Day this coming Wednesday. Follow @indiegogo or @electionscience (or me @mudlock) and let all your friends know about this project by retweeting us this Wednesday.

Thanks for all your help so far. Spread the word, help us reach our goal, make this video, and get the word out about the dangers of plurality and the advantages of approval voting.