Thursday, January 17, 2013

Approval Voting Bill in Colorado

A bill to allow approval voting in local elections has been introduced in the Colorado senate (SB13-065) If you're a Colorado resident, now is the time to contact your senator, especially if they're on the "State, Veterans, & Military Affairs" committee. I'll keep you updated for how this proceeds.


  1. I just wanted to let you know I'm removing my blog from the internet and appreciated you putting up with me these years, Dale.

    I expect that a weaker center-right party will have the right incentive and sufficient means to push for American forms of PR, but they'll never support reforms that are designed to end our 2-party dominated system. No one with the power to change our system will ever support such...

    I don't believe this is just a matter of opinion for me, but perception is more important than truth, just as the marketing of electoral reform is more important than electoral analytics.

  2. Don't be a stranger. Even when we disagree, the conversation has been good, I feel.

    I do hope you find some other outlet by which you can be a force for change.

  3. The bill has been postponed indefinitely. :(