Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Now On Twitter

You can now follow The Least of All Evils on twitter, at the very-clever name LeastOfAllEvils.

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  1. Hey Dale, its Joyce here. Glad to see you are tweeting too. I know you are looking for at least one of these tweets:

    ncvoter Vote on proportional representation went down in flames in Lowell Massachusetts http://twi.cc/oBDg

    ncvoter Aspen rejects Instant Runoff Voting — by six votes http://twi.cc/9Wac

    ncvoter Instant runoff voting was rejected by an overwhelming majority of Pierce County Washington Voters http://twi.cc/elGl

    ncvoter St Paul Minnesota Instant-runoff voting foes vow to overturn ballot result election complaints filed http://twi.cc/k3pz

    ncvoter Anti-Instant Runoff Voting group calls claims of Obama, DFL endorsement ‘evil’ http://twi.cc/QmMd

    ncvoter St Paul...Santa Claus and Jesus Christ did not endorse instant runoff voting nor did Obama, DFL or St Paul LWV http://twi.cc/vN0w