Friday, March 20, 2009

Commercial Interruption

On a whim I added some links to the blog front page (over to the right there), and wanted to add a link to "Gaming the Vote" (which I reviewed a few months ago.)

Well guess what; it looks like the hardcover version is currently selling for just five dollars! If you haven't already read it, buy one today. I'm thinking of buying one for my town councilman, and one for the mayor, plus one for my state representative, another for my state senator, one for my U.S. representative, two for my U.S. senators... you get the idea.

In addition, currently the top-rated customer review is from Mr. Terrill G. Bouricius, the well-known Burlington Vermont resident, IRV advocate, and IRV software-seller I mentioned just the other day. Since Poundstone ultimately comes down in favor of score voting (AKA range voting), Bouricius gives him a 2-star review (point of irony: Amazon's 1- to 5-star ratings are effectively a score voting system.) Bouricius mentions Nicholas Tideman's dislike of score voting (a link to his book (a smidge pricier), CRV's review and follow-up responses.) Which is an issue worthy of a blog post in its own right (after I finish discussing non-monotonicity.) Anyway if you have read the book, I encourage you to write your own review/rate the existing reviews.

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